If you enjoy my writing and what I publish here and in other venues, you have the option to help support my work. At this point, I'm kind of like public radio. I produce all of my content for free, but there are definitely both real and opportunity costs in doing so: web hosting, equipment, time, energy, etc. I enjoy the work product I create with Unfettered Footsteps - writing and creating videos. My goal is to help inspire people to make positive changes in their own lives, even if that seems scary or hard. At some point I will have to figure out how to make this leap of faith work for me financially longer term, but for now I am just focusing on producing content and living a life true to myself.


I don't believe in asking for hand outs, but I do feel comfortable accepting donations when I create something of value for others. If you enjoy my writing and value it, even a small donation will help me to cover the costs of keeping Unfettered Footsteps alive. If you don't feel so moved, or don't have the means at this time, then no worries. I still hope you will read on and enjoy, and hopefully be inspired in some small way! Other ways to support me include

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