The Siesta and the Warm Shoe

June 11, 2018

Destination: Goddard Shelter Today's Miles: 21.60

Start Location: Seth Warner Shelter Trip Miles: 1621.80

Incredible concave beaver dam - VT
I’m going to keep today’s journal short. Not a lot really happened, and I feel like I need more sleep tonight.

I woke up early and headed out just after Transformer. We reconnected later in the morning and had hiked about 13 miles by noon. I passed a couple of scenic beaver ponds in the morning, but otherwise scenery was just the usual woods as we are still climbing a bit to elevation. I felt really tired after climbing out of the road gap for Bennington, but I took a little lunch time siesta at a shelter and felt much better. The rest of the day was just steady climbs. Oh, and I peed on my shoe today. I was doing my business and checking Guthook and my right foot started getting warm.... I guess I should pay more attention! Most people might not admit this, but as you have probably noticed I have no shame in relaying human experiences. I’m just going to call this one marking my territory.

I’m loving this Vermont weather so far!! I was grateful for the weather, the good hiking banter with Transformer, and for a shelter to nap in today. Tomorrow is gonna be fun! 


#1 - Ken, Yes!! This is a good idea for pre-washing the nasties and someone else on the trail recommended that as well. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it at the time. Next time!!

#2 - BBF - glad I could make you laugh! Bad days are tough, but “this too shall pass” is my motto!

#3 - Saintley! Hope all is well. Don’t let the man get ya down! ;-)

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