The Push before the Rain

May 26, 2018

Destination: Gren Anderson Shelter Today's Miles: 22.90

Start Location: Campsite at mile 1303.2 Trip Miles: 1326.10

First night in NJ - sunset
Today was super hot. I did a lot of hiking on ridge lines with views.

There were a lot of people out for the holiday weekend. I climbed up a fire tower called Catfish Tower and from the top I looked down and Happy Feet was there! She had caught up and was, and had been, hiking with a guy named Dude. I climbed down and said hello and she gave Uncle Cat (that’s what she calls me) two fig newtons. It was good to see a friendly face! I was struggling to make miles in the heat, and my feet had been aching since the PA rocks had their way with me.

I stopped for the day at Gren Anderson Shelter. It had been a day of flies, gnats, mosquitos and heat, but also of pretty views, ponds, bullfrogs and good hiking. I almost peed on a black snake at one point, not seeing it in the grass in front of me .... It was supposed to start raining early in the morning so I slept in the shelter to try and avoid packing a wet tent in the rain in the morning. I met a NOBO named Ulysses who had started the day before me! It’s cool to meet NOBOs now so late in the game. Dude and Happy Feet stopped here too. 

I was grateful to have a good day of hiking and to have some camaraderie at camp. It’s a good morale booster! My feet were pretty achy today. Hopefully they will feel better soon.

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