The Maine Shakedown

June 30, 2018

Destination: Stealth Campsite at Mile 1956.6 Today's Miles: 22.60

Start Location: Stealth Campsite at Mile 1934 Trip Miles: 1956.60

The Maine Wilderness
Today was tough. I walked over Wyman, Old Blue, and Bemis Mountains.

I got eaten by mosquitos despite efforts to repel them. They snacked on me like I snack on snacks! They eat like I eat! 

I passed Surplus Pond in the morning and realized that one of my favorite things about the ponds and bogs is the presence of bull frogs. They make a distinctive sound. I saw a few at this pond and took some video here (also uploaded to my videos) if you want to hear this and see a few of them:

I got some great views today. The weather was hot and muggy. My feet stayed wet thanks to the wet trail and bogs. The forest was green and lush though. 

I met Ultra Runner at the Bemis Mountain Lean To (what they call shelters in Maine). I have been hearing about this NOBO from others. She is using the AT hike also as training for races. She gets off the trail sometimes to go run ultra marathons (think 100 mile races) and then comes back and keeps hiking. Just amazing!

I pushed on down the mountain to the first stream fording in Maine, Bemis stream. Right before the road crossing prior to the stream, I came upon a trail magic cooker! It was just what I needed to brighten a tough day of rugged hiking. There were waters and candy bars. It was lovely! As for the stream, Maine has a lot of streams you have to Ford and cannot rock hop across. Brilliant Hungry Cat mailed home his crocs, so I just had to walk through it in my shoes. I was able to partially rock hop it. My feet were both pretty wet anyway. I stealth camped north of the stream. I was grateful to have made my mileage today and gotten some nice views. I saw another grouse with chicks today and was grateful for that. I was grateful that cold soaking my rice side worked. I got eaten alive by mosquitos today, so I’m grateful my tent does not have holes in it! Tomorrow I hike into Rangeley! Maine’s ruggedness is really shaking me down and making me prove I am worthy of the thru hiker label. Go easy Maine, go a little easy....

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