The Fix

This guy stayed at the Toaster House a bit too long as well....

Day 25: May 18, 2019

Destination: Pie Town, CDT Mile 424.6

Today’s Miles: 0

Start Location: Pie Town, CDT Mile 424.6

Trip Miles: 348.9

This morning angels soared low over Pie Town and dropped a heavenly parcel off for me. Their gossamer wings dusted the trees outside the Toaster House with rays of sunshine and warmth to follow. As I hobbled to the post office at 7:30 to catch their short, Saturday morning window, there was a gust of wind as they took off, their heavenly blessing having been bestowed on me. As they flew away, I heard a tiny smirk and a little voice. I can’t be sure, but I think it said, “god help him.” Hmmmm....

Fleopatra made her grand appearance, hopping on my leg and trotting with me to the post office. She wanted to go inside, but I had a feeling the postmaster wouldn’t necessarily appreciate it.

“You’ll never leave, right Hungry Cat?” asks the queen herself

Just like that I had my package! It was a giant box for two tent struts, but I guess Zpacks did that to ensure they didn’t get damaged en route. I gave Fleopatra a pat and walked back to the Toaster House to fix my tent. TO FIX MY TENT! I never thought this day would come. It was, officially, the end of Groundhog Day.

Giant box, small part

It took a little patience but it was not hard to get the struts in. Once I completed that mission, I headed up to the Pie Town Cafe to have breakfast. As I walked there, I knew I wouldn’t hike out today. Overnight my last blister hold out dried out pretty nicely, but not quite nicely enough, just based on my experience and knowing my body. I decided it would be wise to give it one more day before surprising Stevie Nicks and breaking the Pie Town chain as I hike out.

It was noticeably colder this morning, and windy all day. I chatted with a few hikers this morning, had some food and pie at the cafe, and generally relaxed. I got my gear reorganized. Tomorrow I will probably eat breakfast in town, then return to the house to tape up my feet and hike out. I only plan to hike 16 miles or so.

I took a shower today. It will be nice to leave Pie Town relatively clean! If things don’t go well in the hike out, the first 16 miles are on a dirt road through a ranch, so I’m confident I can get a ride back to town. I expect it will take me 4 to 5 days to get to Grants.

I ordered snow shoes today. Trying to get prepared with what I will need for Colorado, assuming that’s an option when I get there. I caught up with Gillian on the phone. It was midday in Atlanta and already 91! She had run a race in that heat, and here I was in my puffy coat! New Mexico weather has been really surprising!

If I don’t hike out tomorrow then I guess you’ll hear from me again, but right now I expect that I will and will post again from Grants.

Lastly, I took a picture of The Stool Bus today. It’s a bus converted into a mobile septic system service vehicle here in Pie Town. I just had to report on that. Stool Bus!

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