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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

June 15, 2018

Destination: Sherburne Pass Trail at Mile 1703.8 Today's Miles: 18.60

Start Location: Clarendon Shelter Trip Miles: 1703.80

Governor Clement Shelter, VT
It was raining this morning, but we got up early anyway to try and hit the trail asap. I think we were all keen to get to Killington.

Transformer and I were going to stay at the Yellow Deli hostel, and Reboot and Milo (a section hiker Reboot has been hiking with), who slept in the shelter last night, were keen to get to the Inn at Long Trail.

It was wet and chilly hiking to start, but an immediate steep ascent up Beacon Hill had me stripping off my rain jacket quickly. I hiked on at a fast pace in just shorts and a t shirt. This is how I hike pretty much every day. It really has to be cold for me to hike in, say, pants. About mid morning Transformer and I reached a side trail (after 4 miles of climbing) to the summit of Mt. Killington, Vermont’s second tallest peak and the tallest in Vermont on the AT. We wanted to summit it even though we knew the view would be a complete white out, just to say we’d summited. It was a steep and rocky 0.2 miles to the top. We took a selfie at the top since there was no view. It’s a shame because I bet the view is amazing normally.

We picked our way down the side trail and back to the AT, going slowly as the grade was very steep and the rocks wet and slippery. We took a short break at a shelter there and then continued north. All around was the smell of Christmas trees and damp earth. We hiked pretty hard. Our plan was to hike to the Sherburne Pass Trail and take that half a mile to The Inn at Long Trail. From in front of the Inn we could flag down a bus and get to Rutland for 2 bucks. The Rutland bus station is right by the Yellow Deli Hostel. We could then have our cult experience! I got to the Inn first and chatted with an employee there. Transformer arrived in short order. We were pretty hungry, so we decided to go in and have some food. The Inn itself is really nice. They have an Irish pub there and a place for live music. I ordered a burger, a cup of clam chowder, and a cup of coffee. I topped that off with a root beer float and a massive plate of nachos. We watched a little World Cup as Ronaldo helped Portugal avoid a come-from-behind loss to Spain. We chatted with Reboot and Milo after they got there, and then ran out to catch the bus. 

The bus got us to Rutland in no time and stopped right outside the Yellow Deli. Someone from the hostel came out to meet us and took us inside to show us the ropes. I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s a donation-based hostel run by some kind of cult, so I sort of pictured a bit of a chaotic scene, but it was actually really nice and quite clean. They had free laundry, loaner clothes, showers with soap, bunks with clean sheets, lots of bunks and a nice common area and back deck. It was pretty awesome, and so far no one has tried to convert me or get me to join. It feels very unculty.I set to getting myself and my laundry clean. Once that was done, I laid out my wet gear to dry, shook down my pack to get rid of some weight and added items to their hiker box, went to Walmart to resupply, grabbed Subway on the way back and ate it on the back deck with Transformer. I felt very efficient! 

Tomorrow I will eat breakfast at the hostel. It is supposed to be very good! I’m excited about that. I think Transformer will zero here tomorrow. I plan to push on, catch the bus back to Killington, and hike. I suspect he will catch up to me before, or in, the Whites. 

I was grateful for the cool temperature today, the good companionship and good food, and for the great hostel to stay at. It was a great day in Vermont!

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