Pie Town - the New Damascus?

Trying on the loaner clothes at Toaster House

Day 20: May 13, 2019

Destination: Pie Town, CDT Mile 424.6

Today’s Miles: 0

Start Location: Pie Town, CDT Mile 424.6

Trip Miles: 348.9

Well, I am still in Pie Town and have not heard from Zpacks yet. This is ok though. I’m sure Mondays are busy for them, and I need to let my feet (blisters) dry up and heal a bit anyway. Besides, the snow is melting in Colorado, right?

Last night I tried on the only loaner clothes I could find at the hostel. It’s kind of a fancy getup, right? We had a laugh over it.

I had breakfast at The Gathering Place this morning - a giant breakfast burrito. I then had lunch at the Pie Town Cafe. Two pieces of pie were consumed. I worked on updating my blog and posted a summary article for The Trek.

I’ve been thinking through my winter gear. I will probably order snow shoes. Today was basically full of catching up, eating, and thinking about logistics. It was a good day! I’m ok resting here for a few days. I learned my lesson in Damascus last year on the AT. If you read my AT journal, you’ll understand what I mean about Damascus! Who knows - maybe I’ll get to be mayor of Pie Town :-).

Outside The Gathering Place Restaurant in Pie Town

Tomorrow is another day - maybe I’ll have news on my tent then. Until then, it’s time to rest. Thank you all for the comments and for reading this!

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