May 27, 2018

Destination: High Point State Park HQ Today's Miles: 11.30

Start Location: Gren Anderson Shelter Trip Miles: 1337.40

Catfish fire tower, NJ
I didn’t sleep well at the shelter last night. It was hot and the guy next to me snored.

I still got up at 5 though to get going. It hadn’t started raining yet so I hustled out of camp to get some miles in before the rain. I made it about 5.5 to the first shelter and sat down to have a snack and look at logistics. It had rained during the hike, but let up when I got to the shelter. I was planning on going to Unionville today or tomorrow, and then maybe Warwick in a few days to get laundry done and clean up. But, I found another option: a hostel called Mosey’s Place that would pick me up from the High Point State Park headquarters (the hostel is in Port Jervis, NJ). 30 bucks for a bunk in a house, laundry, shuttle to food/resupply options, and breakfast! It was a great deal and had really good reviews, so I called the owner, Mosey, and arranged a pickup. It would be sooooo good to clean up a bit.

The park HQ was cook and gives each thru hiker a free soda. At the park, Happy Feet and Dude decided they wanted to come too. We all got picked up and Mosey took us for food on the way home. I got Subway and Dunkin Donuts! There were three other NOBOs at the hostel who I hadn’t met - Hot Sauce, and I’m drawing a blank on the others’ names. I did laundry, resupplied, re-permethrined some clothing, ate, etc etc. it was great! Tomorrow I will hike out after breakfast!

I felt like my feet needed a rest today. I was grateful for such an amazing and economical option. It’s good to be clean again!  Tomorrow I think the rain will clear up. Also, I saw Apollo and Skutch again here briefly. They had stayed here and caught a train to visit family, but were just back and hitting the trail tonight. 

Now I’m at least caught up, and hopefully I can do a better job with my diary moving forward!

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