Moments Make a Difference

Day 57: June 19, 2019

Destination: Colorado Trail Mile 295.3

Today’s Miles: 20.3

Start Location: Buena Vista, CO

Trip Miles: 940.2

Sometimes just one good day can really help turn the frown upside down. I left Buena Vista late today, around 10:15.

I felt like drinking coffee and taking it easy, and I was also still doing some route research. It was a little hard to leave town knowing that I had some road walking to do.

I popped in my ear buds and took off. The first road I walked for miles and miles was a dirt road, I believe where an old railroad used to pass through. I walked through a handful of cool tunnels, and much of the walk was next to a big river. The river definitely looked like some fun whitewater paddling!

I wonder if the groundhogs are jealous of these...

I walked and walked listening to “Stuff You Should Know” and thinking about things. I really appreciated those of you who reached out to me. I also always do appreciate all of the comments I receive. You really help keep me going, and also hold me accountable. Thank you for that!

After the dirt road I had a rather long busy highway walk. Fortunately the shoulder was wide. I turned off that road onto a dirt county road and walked by a huge reservoir called Clear Creek. At this point I was pretty tired and feeling a bit “meh” from all the road walking, but I could see that I was walking towards a beautiful valley lined with snowcapped mountains, so that put some spring in my step.

Soon I was back on the Colorado Trail, climbing high up over the valley. I had incredible views, the weather was still holding out and beautiful, and I stumbled upon an awesome campsite with a million dollar view.

Getting back on trail with a day of good weather, and ending it with a beautiful campsite view reminded me that this trail isn’t supposed to be what I want it to be. It just is. Beautiful moments like this evening are a big reason why I hike.

Tomorrow I will get to Twin Lakes and ask about Mt. Elbert. If it seems safe, I’ll hike to the trailhead for it and camp at its base. If not, I’ll just keep on rolling into Leadville.

I was grateful for your support, grateful to have a loving and understanding wife, and thankful for the good hiking weather and scenery today. Time to get some rest.

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