I'm Thru-Hiking the CDT! (and other important information for new readers)

Hiking hat? Check. Pack and poles? Check. Now all I need is... YOU!! It's time for another thru-hike!

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Welcome everyone!

Some of you are family and friends; some of you know me from my 2018 Appalachian online Trail Journal. Either way, you've come here because you've heard about this site or you've heard about my upcoming thru-hike of the Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada.

What is this site, Unfettered Footsteps all about?

At the tactical level, I created Unfettered Footsteps to be the central hub to house my writing and journaling about hiking, traveling, and general adventuring. I also wanted to be able to showcase some photographs and videos from those adventures. I was tired of trying to do this across multiple sites, and I really needed something that was easy for me to update from my mobile phone while in the field.

My bigger picture goal is that I want to continue with my writing, journaling, and video-making with the goal of inspiring others to get out and fulfill their dreams, and where needed, to get "unstuck," and to look past the themes of consumerism and workaholic culture that can get in the way of living a more balanced and full life, full of love, friendships, experiences, and happiness. That sounds like a lot of big, gurgley, mushy stuff, but it basically comes down to sharing what is working for me, and discussing some of the more interesting, and perhaps controversial, topics along the way.

Unfettered Footsteps is not about "me getting it right," or "finding THE WAY!" Oh, heck no to that! I don't have it "figured out" at all! If that's what you want, you're in the wrong place. What you will get here is honest and raw. It might be painful at times, and since I like humor, it will often be funny (but maybe still painful!). If you want to laugh and cry with me, to get lost a little along the way, but rejoice in finding the path again, then stick around - you might enjoy my writing after all.

All posts show on my main blog feed and the homepage, with the most recent post first. On the Blog menu, you can see categories of posts. There you will find all of my trail journal entries for my Appalachian Trail thru hike last year. You will also see a tab for the upcoming Continental Divide Trail thru hike. You get the drift. Subscribe and you will get a notification whenever I post a new entry.

What about my CDT hike? How can you follow this blog?

Towards the end of April, I will be heading to New Mexico to start a Northbound (NOBO) hike of the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). It runs from the Mexican border in New Mexico through Colorado, Wyoming, along the Idaho and Montana border, and then back into Montana to end at the Canadian border north of Glacier National Park. It passes through the San Juans, the Rockies, and the Wind River range, as well as a hearty share of desert and the Wyoming basin.

I will post daily journal entries to this website to take you along the journey with me, and to record my experiences, thoughts, and mishaps along the way. For those of you who followed me on Trail Journals last year, you know the drill! If you're new and wonder what to expect, you can check out my Appalachian Trail journal entries to get an idea.

There is a SUBSCRIBE button on the footer of this website and on the Contact page. Make sure you subscribe if you want to be notified of new posts. I won't be able to upload them daily as there will be times when I do not have a cell signal on the trail. I upload when I can and subscribing ensures that you don't have to keep checking back to see if I've posted. It also ensures you don't miss any great new content or important announcements. My Trail Journal peeps will like this feature. I promise I am not going to spam you with emails and whatnot. I don't have anything to sell! (except maybe an old smelly tent....). The subscribe button is just for new post notifications or if there is a major important announcement that would be relevant for readers.

But wait, there's more! I'm using social media, YouTube and blogging for The Trek!

With Unfettered Footsteps in general, and for the CDT hike, you can follow along on social media as well. There are links in the footer of every page to Unfettered Footsteps' social channels. I will be posting photos with Instagram and the Unfettered Footsteps Facebook page, as well as utilizing the Unfettered Footsteps YouTube channel to upload video. I don't plan to do a full-on Vlog of the journey as I hike, but I will upload some videos along the way to give more personal updates and/or to show you cool stuff from the trail, like befriending coyotes and whatnot. After my hike I do plan to release a video series to give you a visual glimpse of what the full hike was like. If you saw my AT Thru-Hike in Less than 8 Minutes video, what I have planned for the CDT is much more detailed, and hopefully better quality! Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you are interested in the video content from the CDT hike, or the other adventure videos that I post there. I will also post some video commentary on my gear for this hike.





I'm also excited to announce that I will be a contributing blogger for The Trek! The Trek is a website that discusses all things backpacking, especially thru-hiking. The Trek articles will not be the same as my blog posts here, nor as frequent! I agreed to post original content for The Trek, so while I might repost my writings for The Trek here, they will be in addition to my regular programming on this site. They will be more topical in nature, in line with what their viewers expect. I'm jazzed about getting that experience as well! My goal is that this blog and my The Trek posts provide different, yet complimentary experiences. I think most of you will find both enjoyable, at least I hope! You will be able to subscribe to my posts on The Trek if you like HERE. The subscribe function and my profile picture aren't quite available yet as I need to get a few posts in. Stay tuned! I will also be sure to repost links to these articles via social media so that you can read them directly at TheTrek.co.

That's it for now. If you have any questions, hit me up in the comments! I'll do my best to stay on top of comments now and throughout the hike, but please be patient with me. A lot goes into an adventure like this, especially when I am sharing it on these forums. Every comment is important to me and appreciated, but sometimes a Cat just needs a little time to respond. :-)

2018 was a fantastic year and I'm excited to have a better and more robust platform now to take you along with me on my adventures in 2019. Hike on, travel on, live life, do you!

--Hungry Cat

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