Hut Hopping

June 23, 2018

Destination: Ethan Pond Shelter Today's Miles: 14.50

Start Location: Garfield Ridge Shelter Trip Miles: 1842.60

Sunset from Mt. Garfield
This morning was chilly. I thought a lot about Choo Choo and that weighed heavy on my mind.

The hiking really helped to shake those unfounded scenarios running through my head though. (I left this because it was what I was thinking at the time, but obviously we now know he’s ok)

First stop was Galehead Hut. The crew there was great and gave us breakfast leftovers of eggs and pancakes! The weather was pretty iffy, and as I left the hut it started to rain. I summited Mt. Guyout, another 4K peak, and as the wind at the top blew rain into my face, I took a wrong turn and ended up walking close to a mile off on the wrong trail! When I figured it out, I had to climb back to the summit to get back to the AT.

Once back on track, things were good. Today was more rocky descents, only wetter. I went to Zealand Falls Hut and got some soup and a brownie there. Zoom zoom, Snuggs, Apollo and Skutch were there, as well as flip floppers Fat Tony and The Kid. A man and his daughter came by to ask us about thru hiking. She was sweet and offered us a bag of leftover snacks she had, which we happily divided up. The huts are cool places to chat with folks. We can always get water there, use the bathrooms, and so far they have been good about leftovers. I had to pay to camp at Garfield last night. It was ten bucks, but I got a card that gives me 50% off any other night’s stay, two free baked goods and a free soup at any hut, so it’s a pretty decent deal. 

After Zealand Falls Hut, the trail got MUCH easier to Ethan Pond Campsite. I flew through it, and just in time as some heavy rain moved in. I’m staying at Ethan Pond tonight and tomorrow will try to push close to Mt. Washington. My guess is that weather will push summiting it until Monday, but I will see.

 I was grateful for a shorter, easier day today (even though I hiked two extra non AT miles!!) and for the shelter to get out of the rain. It was good to see Apollo and Skutch again! I’m hoping for the weather to clear up tomorrow!

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